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Scottie's Scribbles

anagrams are...a mars nag ear

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Hi, I'm Scottie.

I LOVE anagrams and palindromes, particularly palindrome dates. I love to figure them out, and will do them in my head all the time when I'm bored, although I need paper for larger word strings. Sometimes I do them, even when I shouldn't. Happily telling my friends that people from NEWARK are WANKERs? In a room full of kindergarteners? Priceless :)

I like baseball, Dr. Pepper, and apple pie. Well, any pie, really :P. My favorite number is seven, and my favorite color is neon orange. I love the Blues, Rock, and some Alternative. I like to write a little, but I'm not very good. I'm going to be a Coast Guardsman. I really like fanfiction and comics, and I love to draw.